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Manish Taneja
Co-founder and CEO
Rahul Dash
Suyash Katyayani
Co-founder and CTO is India’s leading destination for beauty and cosmetic products. Users can browse the latest beauty trends, makeup looks, beauty routines and get advice from beauty experts, leading to an enriching beauty buying experience.

Beauty and cosmetics are one of the highest margin categories in e-commerce. The company has built a highly capital efficient business in a couple of years. The team has a strong grasp of the industry and understand the key metrics of e-commerce. The company has created an Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) led persona based discovery engine which is shaping the way users discover and buy products.


JSW Ventures has been an investor in Purplle since 2016. Last 5 years of partnership with Gaurav and Kunal have been immensely fulfilling. Apart from the capital, we have been able to use their services for fund raise - both external and internal, PR for Purplle, recruitment for Purplle and in general for personal development.

The best part of the relationship is that you can rely end-to-end for things they own and hence they act as the extended team of the founders. While they are custodians of the capital they deploy and fulfill their duties towards their LPs, they are truly "Founder First" and "Company First". In my opinion, JSW Ventures has an exceptional leadership team with high degree of empathy, IQ, diligence and ownership. I look forward to the next 5 years and hope to get the same support like they have extended in the first 5 years.

Manish Taneja
Co-Founder & CEO



We have been in Partnership with JSW Ventures since August last year. They have not only helped us expand our technology but also network with big partners in the industry. They are helping us structure our HR policies as well.

Rahul Dash